Seasonal Colorways and joyful Wallpapers

Hello all,

Firefox 94 arrived this month

With this release came a selection of fun seasonal Colorways (available for a limited time only).

For those of you who loved the colors and want to add a bit of joyfulness to your computer, check out these wallpapers! Feel free to use and share them with your friends and communities.

Keep rockin’ the free and open web


Those are really nice - thank you!

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Hi! I picked a Colorway soon after first seeing the splash screen introducing them, and I’m happy with what I picked. Nice idea, you guys!

Unfortunately, though, every time I start up Firefox, I see the colorways splash screen AGAIN. Is there a way to permanently dismiss it, so I don’t have to keep doing two extra clicks for Not Now and Start Browsing?

Thanks in advance!

This is an unexpected experience, you should only see that splash screen once.

If the issue remains, my suggestion is to do a Refresh Firefox to mitigate the Firefox profile and see if it can resolve the issue.

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Thanks for the very prompt suggestion, @irvin. I’ll give it a try.

FYI, it make take me a day or two to get to this. I need to check my accessibility settings before I refresh Firefox–probably just larger-than default font size, but that may be set at the Windows level, rather than in the app.