Selecting track for Toronto community

Hi all,

I’ll be attending the Leadership Summit in Singapore (let me know if you need a background on this). One of my commitments as part of attending this is to pick one of two initiatives to work on, on behalf of our community. Of course our community focus doesn’t have to only be on this topic, but I think it will actually be very helpful for gaining momentum to have a focus, especially one that has organizational support behind it, and resources from other communities we can tap in to.

The choices are:

Privacy Campaign (with a focus on campus initiatives)
Connected Devices

Within the topics there is no mandate to focus on a specific area, we can go as technical or non-technical as we want.

I’d like to ask for your feedback in the form of two questions:

  1. Does either topic spark your interest? One more than the other? Neither?
  2. Do you have skills that you would want to bring to initiatives for either topic?
  3. b) Do you know people who would want to bring their skills, eg someone that likes doing talks on privacy?

So for example, I find the connected devices topic personally interesting. I have two Firefox OS phones, and I am still interested by some of the keynotes from Orlando. But I don’t have technical skills to say give a talk on the phones myself, or to help someone develop for them. I do know someone on the Firefox OS QA team who is interested in related events.