Self-hosted Addon containing API key

Hi all,

I’ve been writing small addons to make my day-to-day easier. One of these scrapes content from a specific web page for an app we use (there is no API available for this application), and sends it off via an XMLHttpRequest to a REST API from another app we use. The goal is to remove the huge amounts of manual data entry.

I want to install these addons on my local machine permanently, and some of my colleagues have expressed interest in using my extensions too, but I’m uncomfortable sending the package for review as it contains a live API key.

A version without the API key included passes validation. How should I approach this?


So don’t include the API key and make it setupable after installation (maybe from Options page or Popup window where you would add input field). You can than save/load the key in the “” or “”.

Then sign the addon yourself with web-ext and distribute it yourself to anyone who wants it.

Perfect! Didn’t consider using the browser storage, I don’t typically work in web.

Thank you!

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