Self-hosted addon download

Hello, I have created a self-hosted addon. I was wondering what is the difference between a download file suffixed with *-an+fx.xpi vs *-fx.api?

When I was using the web-ext sign command I was generated *an+fx.xpi files, however I can’t use this command going forward as I’ve realized I need to upload my source code.

However now that I use firefox UI to upload the self-hosted addon and upload the source code, the download file is only suffixed by *fx.xpi. I am curious what is the reasoning behind this.


an means Firefox for Android iirc. You possibly didn’t select your extension as compatible with it when uploading it?

Ahh gotcha, I never specified using the web-ext sign method if it was for Firefox for Android or Firefox for Desktop. So I’m assuming it just choose to do both.

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