Self hosted extension updating troubles

I am experiencing inconsistent updating behavior with this extension. Mostly, it will not update in a couple different systems when an update is available.

in the manifest.json is this:

"browser_specific_settings": {
  "gecko": {
    "id": "",
    "update_url": ""

updates.json looks like

  "addons": {
	"": {
		"updates": [
				"version": "1.8.73",
				"update_link": "",
				"update_info_url": "",
				"applications": {
					"gecko": { "strict_min_version": "91.7" }

The xpi file is confirmed at that location. The xpi is coming from AMO - i.e. signed. Initially, a prior version was installed with File > Open. This version installed is 1.8.725

extensions.update.interval = 120

When viewing Manage Your Extensions and pressing Check for Updates, the resulting message is ‘no updates found’.

In Browser Console:

16:54:08.256  1651265648256  addons.update-checker  DEBUG  Found an update entry for version 1.8.73
16:54:08.257  1651265648257  addons.manager         DEBUG  onUpdateFinished for

Yesterday, once, I saw an earlier update installed and several more messages in the console. Mostly, the messages where about invalid code signing.

I have noticed a few times that Firefox complained about code signing when using File > Add. There were always the AMO downloaded xpi.

What else can I look for?


I think the issue is that 725 > 73

OMG. Thank you. I couldn’t see something so obvious. lol