"Send and archive" for Thunderbird

Hi! Some time ago I used with great satisfaction the addon “Send and archive”, which simply added an extra sending option that automatically archived the email you were replying to. Unfortunately, after a Thunderbird update the addon doesn’t work anymore. I strongly suggest that this addon be updated or an equivalent one created. Better still, I think such a useful option (it really changes your life in working towards avoiding inbox clutter) should be a standard Thunderbird button. Thank you for any information and help on this!

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Will this one work for you?

Manage and archive emails / Nostalgy++ for TB78

If not the one you used should have a developers support site or information on the extensions page. You need to contact them.

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I’m assuming this is the send-and-archive add-on @nicholasbawtree is referring to at https://addons-stage.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/send-and-archive/

According to by opto (Klaus Buecher), a developer, he updated send-and-archive to nostalgy_ng

For developer interested to contribute to nostalgy_ng, the code is at https://github.com/opto/nostalgy-xpi/

Dear Francois, thank you! However I have downloaded the app but I can’t seem to find the “send & archive” function: with the previous app all you needed to do is to change settings of the composition bar, adding a “send & archive” button. However I have written directly to the developer. I do think that such a useful and easy function should be integrated in TB itself… Thank you again four your help!


Good idea @nicholasbawtree to write to the developer to get support. Another option that might be of interest is to use its support site at https://github.com/opto/nostalgy-xpi/issues
If you’re not familiar with this site, you can either search already existing tickets to find a resolution. Or create a new ticket.

Thank you for this thread. It’s exactly what I’m looking for – a send and archive button or keyboard shortcut – to manage my inbox. @nicholasbawtree, did you find out a way to do this through Nostalgy++? I have downloaded the app as well and am having trouble figuring out how to use it to send and archive, though I wonder about using the rules somehow? Let me know what you find out! If I can get this working I’d love to make a small contribution to the developer.

Dear Sue, unfortunately I have not managed to use Nostalgy++ to create a “send and archive” button or function. As I said, it seems strange that such a basic function should not be integrated in the Tunderbird options, and that the original plugin has not been updated. I have written to the developer but haven’t received a reply. If anybody has any news on this I, and also Sue at this point, will be very grateful indeed! At the moment every time I reply to an email I have to add an extra action to archive that email. It is such a fondamental thing that I am going as far as thinking of changing to a client that has this function… Good day to all!

I have a couple of filters created using the “Move message to” to another folder after sending.

I don’t archive, but I’m pretty sure you could select the Archive folder for an IMAP account. Don’t see one for my POP3 account.

The thing is that I don’t always want to archive an email after sending it, that is why it was ideal to have a button for a simple “send” and another with a “send & archive” option. Of course, I can always send an email and then proceed with another click to archive it (which takes two clicks, one to select the email you have just replied to, another to archive it), but really, if you have ever tried the “send & archive” button and are a person who archives emails (or deletes) so as to keep inbox low, I assure you that it makes life much more simple if you have a lot of incoming mail.