"Send and archive" for Thunderbird

Hi! Some time ago I used with great satisfaction the addon “Send and archive”, which simply added an extra sending option that automatically archived the email you were replying to. Unfortunately, after a Thunderbird update the addon doesn’t work anymore. I strongly suggest that this addon be updated or an equivalent one created. Better still, I think such a useful option (it really changes your life in working towards avoiding inbox clutter) should be a standard Thunderbird button. Thank you for any information and help on this!

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Will this one work for you?

Manage and archive emails / Nostalgy++ for TB78

If not the one you used should have a developers support site or information on the extensions page. You need to contact them.

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I’m assuming this is the send-and-archive add-on @nicholasbawtree is referring to at https://addons-stage.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/send-and-archive/

According to by opto (Klaus Buecher), a developer, he updated send-and-archive to nostalgy_ng

For developer interested to contribute to nostalgy_ng, the code is at https://github.com/opto/nostalgy-xpi/

Dear Francois, thank you! However I have downloaded the app but I can’t seem to find the “send & archive” function: with the previous app all you needed to do is to change settings of the composition bar, adding a “send & archive” button. However I have written directly to the developer. I do think that such a useful and easy function should be integrated in TB itself… Thank you again four your help!

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Good idea @nicholasbawtree to write to the developer to get support. Another option that might be of interest is to use its support site at https://github.com/opto/nostalgy-xpi/issues
If you’re not familiar with this site, you can either search already existing tickets to find a resolution. Or create a new ticket.