Sentence adding Guidelines (Case study Iran for Farsi/Persian)

I wanted to add new sentences to Mozilla Common Voice project and was confused about copyright and Guidelines.
To be clear I wanted to add sentences from

  1. 10AmPodcast example
  2. News websites like

With regards to Iran rules May I add these to Common voice project sentences or not ?

You can only add sentences that are under Public Domain (copyright-free), or with the agreement that authorizes you to release it with CC0 declation, which means waiving all of their copyrights.

Please check:

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To put it more bluntly, unless you have explicit permissions from the authors of the text, OR they have been dead for over 70 years, OR the texts somewhere (usually prominently) mentions the text is released under “CC0” or “public domain”, you can’t use it.

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Well I wasn’t able to find such a thing as public domain rules in Iran and I asked the author to give me permission to do so. But can you ( @Adrijaned or @irvin ) explain to me why podcasts are under public domain in commonvoice.mozilla ?

The best sources you can look for are podcasts, transcripts, movie scripts and anything that potential can contain everyday conversations.

It’s the example of how to find sentences that is in “everyday conversations” style.
It’s not related to the license.

If you found a good podcast, you still need to ensure it’s already release to public domain (mostly not) or get the permission from the author.