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Hi all,

As promised I’ve been documenting all pending issues to have the tool functional, this topic is aimed just to developers who would like to help (react and kinto skills required)

What do we need?

  • Fork the project and test that you can run the environment locally following the instructions.
  • Is everything working as expected? If not, submit a new issue.
  • Review the pending issues on the MVP milestone.
  • Create a new PR to fix any of the existing issues in the MVP milestone.

Please add any questions here, the goal is to be able to have all MVP issues solved and then run a QA test with some common voice community members who have been looking for a better way to submit and review sentences in their languages.


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We want your feedback: Improving the sentence collection
(Michael Kohler) #2

I have the tool running locally now. I will create a PR tomorrow with one fix and documentation updates so others can run it as well.