Sentence Collector: Deprecating Normal Review Tool in favor of Swipe Review Tool

Hi everyone

For a while now we’ve had the “Swipe Review Tool” as an option to be enabled in the profile. At this point I’d like to deprecate the currently used review tool and only support the Swipe Review Tool. Please raise any objections within the next month.

If there are no major objections, I will go ahead with this plan.

Advantages of using the Swipe Review Tool

  • More streamlined (focused) process to review sentences
  • Counter on how many sentence reviews are ready to be submitted
  • Swipe to approve/reject (works on Desktop too)
  • Still provides buttons in case you don’t want to swipe - easier naming on the button using words instead of emojis
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts!
  • Less code to maintain making future improvements easier

Screenshots of the Swipe Review Tool

How to enable it

You can go to your profile on the Sentence Collector and activate it there:

Thank you!


As there were no objections, this change has now been done.

Works for me on smartphone :smiley:

A future and feature improvment could be:

  • Swiping down for skipping the sentence.
  • Swiping up for a short report/text message to Mozilla and the sentence contributor why the sentence was rejectet.

Yesterday i had many sentences in the english section missing just the last full stop and the sentences with full stop startet in lower cases.

After a few months I revisited the sentence collector and could not find the non-swipe setting :frowning:

Even 5 sentences per page was not enough for us while reviewing 1000’s of sentences we added (and will be adding). It will be a very bad experience…

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Can you describe your workflow in a bit more detail? Have you seen the buttons and keyboard shortcuts additional to the swiping mechanism?

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We are adding works which become public domain.
We push them into excel and automatically mark allowable sentences (14 words, 100 chars limits).
We review each of them for content, old/unused words and possible scan/OCR issues.
Then we add them to the sentence collector. One book results in 2500-3000 sentences.
My mates in our group review them for correctness and accept/reject.
We correct & re-add the rejected ones (< 1%).

During validation, as the sentences are in book’s order, one can get the concept and read (half of) the book. In the old setting, you could see the next lines and make the decision more intelligently.

We are seasoned computer engineers and work with multiple large monitors, so real estate is never a problem.

Preparing a book takes half a day. But validating them twice takes a very long time. I will be adding a couple of more books next month but I’m sure my mates will complain…

The new interface is mobile only (more than mobile first).

I would propose this if I saw your post before (I was on a long vacation):

  • Allow mobile / desktop views
  • Increase desktop view to 10 sentences
  • Add a button to the bottom labeled “accept all” to prevent multiple clicks
  • Detect browser/OS/device to show related view but also provide a “switch to…” button. Not in settings…

The current mobile view is very good indeed, except one quirk (already in github issue but closed, possibly a regression).

Thank you…

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Note that for large or bulk imports, there is a separate (not very well advertised) process. The limit of 100k is not a hard limit, it would be possible to do with smaller amounts as well.

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@ftyers Wow, thank you, I didn’t know that. The defined process is already what we were doing… But our error rate is better :slight_smile:

That should do very well, we should handle QA % part…

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Hey Francis, thanks for flagging this, I have added it to the community playbook to increase visbility.