Sentence Collector: New Features released

Hi everyone

I’ve just released a new version of the Sentence Collector.

Skipped sentences in Swipe Review Tool

Skipped sentences in the Swipe Review Tool won’t show up anymore on subsequent reviews. Now when clicking “Finish Review” the skipped sentences will be stored in the local storage and skipped when you do a new round of reviews. Note that this is by-device only.

If you want to unhide these again, you can do so in the settings:

Skipped sentences are also not shown when you switch back to the “Normal Review Tool”. However sentences you don’t mark as either as “approved” or “rejected” in the Normal Review Tool won’t be marked as skipped. Skipping will only be saved if you use the new Swipe Review Tool.

Profile stats now updating without going to Statistics page

For a while now the statistics (“added by you”) did not update without visiting the “Statistics” page. This is now independent of the statistics page and will update on subsequent reloads. For users with many submitted sentences this might lead to a slower page load. Please reach out if you notice any performance issues.

Deleting submitted sentences

It’s now possible to delete your own sentences in case you should notice that they, for example, are copyright protected. Note that this interface is super basic, PRs to make this beautiful are very welcome! :slight_smile: Additionally to that, it might be helpful to be able to select all sentences within a submission with one click. Also happy to accept a PR for that!

You can find this in the menu under “My sentences”.

Sentence Validation

A while ago we changed the format of the sentence validation errors. Every rule can now show its own customized error section, leading to less general error messages when submitting sentences.

To learn more about adding validation rule files for a specific language, check out the documentation.

Next features

Next up I’m gonna have a look at providing statistics for all languages. This most likely will require quite some backend-heavy changes to make sure that this does not impact performance. So this might take a while :slight_smile:

If you notice any issues, please report them here or file an issue.

Thank you for all your contributions to Common Voice!


If two other reviewers approve a sentence I skipped for later to double-check, will it be deleted from my skipped sentences list?

Sentences that are already approved or rejected (2 out of 3 votes needed) are never shown again in the review queue. That is independent on whether you skipped them or not. This behavior has not changed with this release.

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