Sentence Collector - Review before Submit

@irvin mentioned that reviewing sentences before submission might be confusing to contributors. This is referring to the following screen:

When clicking on “Review” you get the chance to review your sentences, and after submitting that review, you get back to that screen. You however still need to click on the “Confirm” buton to upload them. It might not be clear to contributors that simply reviewing the sentences won’t upload them.

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of that process. It was initially introduced so that sentences from external sources can already be reviewed before uploading. This is a way to not upload sentences that are not fulfilling our requirements when copy/pasting large lists of sentences.

Simply renaming the button from “Confirm” to “Upload” might come a long way in terms of reducing confusion. However I’m not sure that’s the solution we should go for. Instead of patching a possibly flawed process, I’d like to know first:

Is anyone using this functionality regularly? If so, what are your specific use cases?

for me, I will always do review and edit locally before pasting external source to sentences collector. Because the review UI is lack of ability to edit, find problem there don’t help much.

I almost always use this function. The sentences I submitted were mostly by myself or from CC0 sources (e.g. authors who explicitly authorized me to use their work). I have to manually input / reformat the text, segment the text into one sentence per line, remove punctuation, correct typos, delete inappropriate sentences (e.g. sentences containing only personal names), etc. in a text editor. Finally the text is copied-and-pasted into Sentence Collector. Obviously this process is error-prone. That’s why I always use the review-before-submit function as a finally check.

I use this “review” step purely for checking, not for “approving” as it is now serving. This “approving” functionality is an undesirable side-effect. I believe, and agree that, the sentences should be approved by people other than the contributor.