Sentence Collector Update - March 2021

Hi everyone

Over the past weeks I’ve updated quite a few things in the Sentence Collector. Apart from under-the-hood changes, this also includes design updates and keyboard shortcuts for the Swipe Review Tool. Given that now the Swipe Review Tool can also be used without swiping that naming might need to change, but one step at a time :slight_smile:

Design Updates

  • Removed the sidebar and replaced it with a top header and a footer, this somewhat brings it closer to the main Common Voice site
  • This also enabled a better menu on mobile
  • More prominent Login/Signup and Logout buttons
  • Adjusted buttons to better match overall design
  • Use the Mozilla favicon instead of a custom one
  • Page titles have been standardized so they are all the same size and font
  • “Add Language” button in profile is disabled until a language is selected

Swipe Review Tool

The Swipe Review Tool can be enabled in the profile section. This is still considered experimental for now. Try it out and tell us what you think.

  • Fixed a bug which lead to no cards being shown instead of loading the next badge of sentences
  • Smaller design adjustments on mobile
  • Cards don’t need to be loaded after every 5th card, we preload all cards from the beginning
  • Better messaging on how many sentences are ready for review submission
  • Added buttons to make this useful on desktop as well if you don’t like swiping with a mouse and you don’t have a touchscreen
  • Added ability to skip sentences
  • Implemented Keyboard shortcuts (Y/N/S) for approving, rejecting and skipping
  • While it’s now possible to skip sentences, these sentences show up again on the next review. I filed for this.

Under the hood

  • Components and Containers have been cleaned up to be easier to maintain in the future
  • Automated Tests added for all Components and Containers, as well as Actions and Reducers

If you find any bugs, please report either on GitHub or here.