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Thanks to the recent campaign for Catalan sample collection, my friends and I have been trying to use the platform, but the server seems to have serious performance issues. Loading the page will often fail, as explained in this github issue, and even worse, uploading of the clips at the end of the process too. After waiting for a long time, a message appears saying “Upload of this clip keeps failing, keep retrying?”.
This is reproduced on a very good (wired, 600Mbps) internet connection.

There’s been a large jump in visitors and contributors on the platform over the past day or two, which is fantastic news. But as a result, the platforms been running a little sluggishly. To help alleviate the performance issues, we’re currently running some maintenance.


Server performance is really slow these days. I guess is related with Catalan contributors. Do you know what’s the problem?

We want to take advantage of the momentum of the Catalan campaign. So, Is there anything we can help to improve server performance? Thanks in advance.


Hey @jmontane and @jaume,

Thanks for raising your queries.

As Gabriel has mentioned the increased number of platform vistors (which is amazing) has impacted platform perfomance. Our team is working hard to address the issue and we in conversations with the organisers of Project AINA and partners via email.

To support the community going forward we are creating guidance and a temporary status page to be featured on the platform that can help both communities and our team in ensuring we have sustianable plaform experince.

Thanks so much for your patience,


Thanks, @heyhillary!

Just minor fixes to Catalan text:

Volem avisar a la comunitat que en aquest moment estem experimentant diversos problemes amb els servidors de la plataforma Common Voice a causa del gran augment de trànsit en els últims dies. Moltíssimes gràcies per la vostra paciència mentre treballem per resoldre els problemes. Estem molt contents que el Common Voice està tenint un públic més gran i l’equip tècnic de la plataforma està treballant molt fort perquè torni a funcionar bé. En aquesta pàgina posarem les últimes notícies sobre l’estat del projecte.


Gràcies per les correcions Joan!

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