Setting to show container options only when long pressing + (new tab) button?

I find it quite annoying that the container option always flashes up when hovering the + (new tab) button.
Also I do not want roommates looking over my should from time to time that these will see that I am using (‘personal’ or other) containers.

Is there a way (config/setting) that these options only show up when long pressing the + button?


I disabled Containers now due to this. It’s just always flashing up. Understandable, my coworkers look irritated at this (they do not know Containers and it’s always popping up “Personal”, “Shopping” etc) and they might think I do private stuff at work. There should be a way better to make it less obvious that one is using Containers.

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Thanks for the feedback. Can you add an issue to ?




I also prefer the way it’s implemented on Nightly, the way it is on Test Pilot it’s too obtrusive. Not that I want to create hidden containers but I also don’t want to show list all my containers by just hovering the new tab button, sometimes I want to reach some button on the toolbar and hover the new button, what triggers the list automatically and stay in the way of the toolbar.