Shortcomings of Firefox themeing modules, many elements can't be themed or updated


I created a theme with and it went pretty well but there’s no way to theme the Firefox context menu. All the properties pertaining to popup menu reflects only to the popup menus from the toolbar (manin menu, addons etc) have no effect on the browsers context menu.

The same thing with Tooltips. Hover on any element on the toobar and tooltip appears explaining what the function is about. This tooltip can’t be themed

Popup text, Popup text highlight, icons and text in the toolbar when highlighted don’t reflect changes made in

When a theme is uploaded and signed with Mozilla, there’s no way to open the theme in and make changes to it. The only way to make a change in the theme is to create a new theme from scratch. Shaking my head why nobody thought about this before.

So what do I do ?

Unfortunately Firefox Color does not currently support importing existing themes. Here’s the relevant feature request on the project’s GitHub repo: if you have a GitHub account, you may want to give it a :+1:.

Currently, the only workaround for this is to use the Save button to write your current theme settings to the website’s storage or to save a copy of the “Share” link for future reference.

Thank you for the response and the pointers. I’ll take it to Github as this themeing module needs a lots of work to be complete.

Kind regards