Signing took too long to complete & stuck in "Awaiting Review"


We have an issue with our extension “browsing-protection-by-f-sec2” that we use internally for testing. We have automation that builds, signs and publishes it.
It is not published to Mozilla add-on store. It is distributed outside.
The problem that we noticed is that we see this message:

Error: Signing took too long to complete

I’ve logged in to the account now and I can see that the most recent submissions are stuck in “Awaiting Review” status. Previously, the signing & review took very little time (I’d say under 5 minutes in most cases).

Could someone please assist on this? Is there wrong with the extension? the account?

Best regards, Arthur

Hi @BumerangArt, thanks for reaching out! There is nothing wrong with your account. :slight_smile: Sometimes add-ons are selected for manual review when they are submitted. In some cases, this can delay signing until an add-on reviewer has a chance to look at the extension code. We have recently added some information about this to Firefox Extension Workshop.

We have an open issue to update the error message to be a little bit clearer as to what is happening.

In the meantime, I will ping the review team and ask if they can take a look at your submission.

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Thanks for your response and clarifications!
Let’s see how it goes. Hope it progresses soon as this blocks our work at the moment.

Best regards, Arthur

Hi, @caitlin-on-leave-until-january, sorry to bother you again. We got an initial response from the review team about a few issues with the submission of our add-on. We addressed the identified issues and uploaded the updated version of the add-on for review.

But it seems that there was no response for 2-3 days from the review team. Would it be possible to ask them to take a look at the latest submission? Or this delay is normal and we should not worry? Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Arthur

This is resolved now. Got a confirmation from the review team that the add-on has passed review.