Signing up for "In Progress" languages doesn't do anything

(Kornel) #1

There are many languages listed as “In Progress”, each with a link to “join us”. This only subscribes to a mailinglist, and I’m not even receiving anything specific to the language in progress from the mailinglist.

I’d like to help move the needle on my native language that is in progress, but there are no instructions what to do (besides signing up for the mailinglist and waiting).


(Rubén Martín [away until April 24th]) #2

You are right, we should point people to this topic somehow from the site:

@mbranson @lsaunders Do you remember if we have plans around that? (also thinking now about having the info localized)

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(LRSaunders) #3

This is a good call out. Lets talk about how we want to have users start to interact when their language is not yet open. Currently we have no roadmap plans around this.


(Kornel) #4

Linking to that post, or even directly to would be a big improvement.