Simple questions about lights

If I add a bulb and a switch and tie them together I appear to need two actions for them. One to turn the light on and one to turn it off. Is this correct or is there and equivalent to the follower add on that will just tie the on/off properties together?

Is there a way to create a container thing for a light that can virtualise the bulb so if it has to be replaced you don’t have to find all the instances?

If I recall correctly the follower add-on only supports numerical properties, so yes as far as I know two separate rules are required for on and off. Either for mapping PressedEvent from a PushButton or the OnOffProperty of an OnOffSwitch. I have a SmartThings button which requires two rules to toggle a couple of bulbs on and off for example.

You could create a virtual thing using the Virtual Things add-on which mirrors the state of a physical bulb, but I’m not sure that will really help that much and will add dummy devices to your list of things.

Thanks. For the on off problem having the rule be “while switch is on, the light is on” seems to work. I’ll investigate the virtual thing add on to virtualise the lights before any complex rules get built.

Thank you.

Ah, of course, that makes it even simpler in the case of an on/off switch. I was forgetting about the while/if distinction.