Simultaneous self-hosted and AMO distribution options

(Al) #1

I’ve looked through the docs but I still have a couple of questions:

  1. Can I both self-host an extension and distribute it via the AMO store at the same time? That is, if I have been self-hosting an extension and I click ‘change’ under ‘Where to Host Version’ and select ‘On this Site’ and proceed, can I then change this back to ‘On your own’ for a future version and distribute it via both channels?

  2. Is it problematic to leave the “update_url” entry pointing to the self-hosted location in the manifest for the AMO version? I assume it would be ignored and overwritten with the update URL for the latest AMO-hosted version, but just want to make sure.


(Martin Giger) #2

yes. Just be sure to check what is selected before submitting a version.

I’d actually expect AMO to complain about that, for sure if it was considered problematic.

(Jorge) #3

You can’t submit a file with an update_url for listing. The site won’t allow that. Listed versions don’t have an update_url, which tells Firefox to check AMO for updates.