Slack and email add-ons stop sending after a few days (reason: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN)

I’m new to Web Things and have just started have a play with it, installed on a Pi.

I’ve added some devices and also installed the ‘Email Sender’ and ‘Slack’ add-ons to notify me of an event via some rules.

All works fine for a few days and I get the emails and Slack notification but then the notifications stop. They only work again if I restart the Pi. The gateway is working fine other than this issue and I can log in to the UI.

Looking at the logs I see the following reasons when the failed send actions are occuring:

ERROR : email-sender: AddonManagerProxy: Failed to notify outlet: { Error: connect EINVAL - Local (
ERROR : slack: AddonManagerProxy: Failed to notify outlet: { FetchError: request to failed, reason: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

(I’ve replace part of the Slack URL with x’s as I’m guessing it may be unique to my Slack account!)

My Pi is connected via ethernet on a static IP address, although Web Things also seems to think it is connect via WiFi too but that may be irrelevent!

Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received!

Seems like something is going wrong with networking on your Pi. EAI_AGAIN indicates a DNS lookup failure.

Great thanks, pretty much confirms what I was starting to suspect.

Not sure why it works initially then fails after a few days although my best guess if maybe because the Pi was connected via both ethernet and wifi.

I couldn’t see an obvious way to disable the wifi connection though so resorted to try to connect to an SSID with the wrong password which seemed to do the trick!

It’s been ok for 48 hours now so fingers crossed that was it …