Soft Launch of Extension Workshop

Hello, everyone!

The add-ons team would like to invite you to test Extension Workshop, a new hub to connect developers to the resources they need to successfully develop, publish, and manage their Firefox extensions. A lot of this documentation previously lived on MDN; by moving it to Extension Workshop, MDN can better serve its mission to provide information about platform-agnostic web technologies.

We would love to hear about your experience with Extension Workshop. Please let us know on this thread how easily you are able to find information, if the site behaves as you would expect it to, and if you come across any bugs.

After we’ve heard and addressed early feedback, the site will be promoted through the Developer Hub on and our usual communication channels later this month.

Thank you!


May be I’m missing something but I’ve spent quite some time and didn’t managed to find API reference on the new website. On the contrary, when I open “Browser Extensions” page on MDN, I immediately see links to detailed reference of manifest.json and JS API modules which are single click away.
May be this part of the documentation still supposed to live on MDN? In that case I don’t think that spreading documentation on the single topic across several websites on the internet is useful and convenient.
MDN has convenient browser compatibility tables which I also don’t see on the new website (well, no API reference, no tables).

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Thanks for your feedback, @m_khvoinitsky. Because the APIs were intended to be cross-browser compatible, our thought was to keep the reference documentation on MDN to serve a “browser agnostic” audience. Things that are specific to Firefox – including AMO-specific information like our Add-on Policies – was moved to Extension Workshop. Our goal is to link the information together as best as possible.

Hi Caitlin,

I just took a short look so far. While I do like the idea of a website like this, it feels a bit confusing to me. The landing page has information scattered around the place. Some links can be found in the top menu, others are somewhere in the text below. Some link to MDN, others to the same site.

I think as a newcomer, I would be a bit overwhelmed by all of this.

I will have to take some time to read more to give better feedback. This is just the first impression I had.

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