[SOLVED] How to read the log of a thing?

i would like to look at the logs on my thing device.
The thing i created has same log messages as the multiple-things example.
And the line i wrote is like this:
logging.debug('setting new humidity level: %s', new_level)

How can i look at that log?

If you mean the text log of the gateway, it’s:

tail -f ~/.mozilla-iot/log/run-app.log

(optionally | grep humidity)

if i start a multiple-thing like this is that log-string going to the gateway?
I mean the ‘thing’ is a remote device with a sensor on it and the gateway is a separate device on same wlan in my house.

I found that my multiple-thing was not exactly same as the example and I missconfigured it in the run_server() function somehow that made the loggs not show up while the sensor was showing up as thing in the gateway.