[SOLVED] Installing extension from file fails


I have an extension that I’ve created myself and, during development, I tested everything on the about:debugging tool. After I finished, I generated a build with the web-ext build, as recommended by the docs. I tested the resulting package (.zip file) in the debugger and every thing woked as expected, then I uninstalled this debugging version. However, when I get the very same package and try to install it from the about:addons, using the “install from file” option as an “end user” would do, I get an error pop-up on the installation saying that the extension could not be installed because it is corrupted.

Does anybody have any idea of what this could be and how to solve it?

I’m currently using the 92.0.1 64-bits version.

Found the solution!!

What was missing was to sign the extension with the web-ext sign --api-key=$AMO_JWT_ISSUER --api-secret=$AMO_JWT_SECRET command.

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