[Solved] Reminderfox malfunction

Recently, or not so much, there was an update from reminderfox or thunderbirth, I don’t remember what happened first. The issue is that reminderfox doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t allow me to create reminders, it shows me screens like the ones I show. Can you help me please?

The add-on installs in TB 68 but has a number of issues with tags and dates. Read the reviews here: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/reminderfox/

mailmindr is a similar add-on that has its own issues, but is still being developed for 68:

ReminderFox data can be imported to Lightning:

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That was the problem. I changed the Thunderbird version from 68 to 60 and reminderfox was active again.
Thank you!