[Solved] WebExtensions - Not compatible with Firefox Quantum

(Aristide Antonas) #21


Push To Kindle is not so good anf Send to Kindle for Mozilla Firefox does not work at all for this mozilla version, this is the problem I am reporting.

**a r i s t i d e a n t o n a s **

(Archip Marius) #22

The Google Tm Translator Addon is also not compatible anymore with Firefox 57.0


@caitmuenster, wouldn’t it have made sense for there to be either overlap or the capability to run both 56 and 57 from the same machine? I ask because, even though I understood the dropping of legacy extensions (and why), I had no idea what the impact would be, especially with the dramatically different interface.

I too have gone back to v.56 for the time being. I tried out Chrome - which does have quite a few of the extensions that have disappeared from Quantum - but I didn’t stay with it because of the interface. Which - sigh - is an awfully lot like Quantum’s.

I wish there would be at least a look-and-feel theme a la Classic Theme Restorer.

Sorry to ramble. I’m just frustrated. I’ve been a supporter of this browser since early Netscape days and I’d be sorry to have to leave it. To go I’m not sure where!

(Dave Beckley) #24

I’m not the most astute user which leads to this issue; attempting to load up a new ssd with FF Quantum I keep seeing the message, ‘This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox’ which is refering to Quatum on another machine. Just using this for instructions. I also see that adding ‘&html5=1’. What am I suppose to do with that? I’m on the Firefox add-on page with the red bar saying this isn’t compatible right below the gray box that says ‘Add to Firefox’. Do I load it and change it afterwards in option or what? Some clearification would be appreciated. This is the first add-on I’ve tried, are they all going to be like this?

(Hussain Ali) #25

I got the same problem with

(Caitlin Neiman) #26

Hi @Hangfire! Hm - it sounds like there might be a couple of things happening here to make it hard to diagnose the origin of the problem.

addons.mozilla.org should be serving you only extensions that are compatible with your version of Firefox. Could you check to see which version of Firefox you are trying to load an extension on to?

(Caitlin Neiman) #27

Unfortunately, Down Them All is not compatible with Firefox Quantum.

(Caitlin Neiman) #28

Hey @sheepchild, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to run FF 56 and 57 on the same machine.

We don’t intend to support complete themes like Classic Theme Restorer again, though we are working on expanding the theming API to provide some more customization opportunities.

Were there any add-ons in particular that you miss? In the last week, we’ve seen quite a few alternatives to disabled legacy extensions, and we might be able to help you find some replacements.


Hi @caitmuenster and thanks for helping. Looking at my extensions, I don’t have a specific one but rather several that work together to give me the interface I like. Such as the ability to have multi lines of bookmarks on that toolbar. Also various features of Tab Mix Plus but I think those actually are being addressed.

I’d miss Morning Coffee but realize I can set up a bookmark of those links and open all with it. Not as elegant or easy but do-able.

I use RightToClick but, again, I think that is or will be available. I’m going by memory here and what I think I’ve read. I’ve had more pressing issues in the past week or so.

Ah. I guess one extension I’d truly miss is Email This! I use it constantly and it could be a deal breaker.

I also use ResizeIT but only to get back to the window size I prefer. Likewise Shooter. I don’t use it constantly but would certainly miss it particularly for the ability to shoot a scrolling page.

Heh. Aren’t you glad you asked!??!

Again, thanks for responding.

(Caitlin Neiman) #30

No trouble at all to look into these! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

On the bright side, another developer has made a compatible version of Morning Coffee called Morning Coffee Quantum. It’s received positive reviews so far and might be worth checking out. :slight_smile:

Same with Email This! – another developer has created Email This, which is compatible with Quantum.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing an extension named RightToClick. Could it possibly have been Enable Right Click & Copy? It has mixed reviews but is compatible.

ResizeIT is compatible. If the updated version is missing the feature you loved the most, I would encourage you to let the developer know and encourage them to get in touch with us if they want to discuss potential solutions.

I might need to do a bit more digging on finding a replacement for Shooter. Awesome Screenshot Plus, Nimbus Screen Capture Lightshot, or Easy Screenshot might be able to do the trick but I’m not sure how well they would support shooting a scrolling page.

Right now, we are working on implementing a few APIs that would make it possible for a developer to create an extension that would support something similar to multi row bookmarks. The bookmarks would probably be on the sidebar, though, like with Tree Style Tabs. It’s definitely not ruled out but it is a ways off.


Thank you!

I will check out those compatible extensions.

The RightToClick bypasses the shortsightedness of some Websters who post a “right click forbidden” message. I was a photographer/web developer myself and understand they feel the need to protect their work. But it doesn’t. I don’t go around stealing people’s copyright or other owned work. But when they put it on an entire page and I want to open a link in a new tab, that’s aggravating. As for the rest of the material, page info’s media will make it all available anyway. Sorry to preach. Just explaining why I use the extension. :sunglasses:

Sort of the same story with screen capture. I can use SnippingTool and go frame by frame … and then put it together in a graphics program. Tedious but it can be done. PictureIT is/was a lovely time saver.

Sorry though about the bookmarks. I don’t like or use the sidebar anyway so the current thinking isn’t likely to excite me.

This feels redundant but, thank you again for taking the time to work with me.

(Atefeh Rashidi) #32

I have same problem with this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/daneshlink1/ what should I do?

(Martin Giger) #33

You can achieve that by holding Shift while right clicking. This will always show the context menu.


Ah. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

(Martin Giger) #35

That should be resolved as of the 6th December. A WebExtension version was released on that day.

(Atefeh Rashidi) #36

yeah. I solved it on 6th Dec.

(Philip) #37

Hello, the only reason I used Mozilla Firefox is the great “Tab Mix Plus” Addon. But since Quantum is not compatible anymore. Any idea how to solve this? The standard tab setting are very weak now.

(Mr One ZED) #38

I am having the same problem with this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flashgot/

(Martin Giger) #39

As stated otherwhere on this forum and somewhere on its developer’s website, flashgot is in the process of being ported but not yet complete, since the main focus from the developer was on NoScript.

(Mr One ZED) #40

That sucks…but hey thanks @freaktechnik. It’s a relief