Some browserAPIs couldn't be debugged, I wonder if we have other solutions?

All of my debugging process are done in:

  • Windows 10 b.17134
  • Firefox Developer Edition v.68 x64
  • The Internet connection is stable.

My extension is about saving settings and working on internationalization. Which leads to these 3 APIs that don’t working properly:

For the internationalization, I can pretty sure that it is a bug, because I do exactly what the guide told me to. The result only changes extension’s title and description. Anything, involves to Js i18n API, isn’t working. To ensure that it is not my fault, I cloned the guide ext used in the video. It got a same problem. Should I report this bug (is it even considered as a bug)?

About storage, I use it for option_ui. And I only used The out-come is unidentified, literally. I use chain-function .then() to get the status of syncing and I get is success but nothing returns but unidentified, not even a tiny bug. So I guess the problem is due to unable to simulate the syncing process. So I decided to use examples Favourite colour and forget-it to test my case. In the example, things went to the same problem like I do, but, returns 2 errors:

Managed storage manifest not found

error occurred while processing 'sources: TypeError: can't access dead object
Stack: webExtensionTargetPrototype._allowSource@resource://devtools/server/actors/targets/webextension.js:292:5
Line: 292, column: 5

In the forget-it example, thing went perfectly well with This makes my theory seems right enough.

So, with 1 bug and 1 unavoidable problem, what should I do? The storage is an important key to keep working on the other part of my extension.

Could you describe that problem? So far you’ve only stated what you’re expecting to see or trying to do.

Are you testing with an extension ID set? Or a signed XPI? If not, see .

managed storage will only work with a manifest, as it says, however that shouldn’t be relevant to what you’re trying to do.

Ops, my bad. The problem is i18n API (browser ver) didn’t work in debug mode. It only printed messages from the default_locale, not the message from new locale that set in about:config. The only message were printed are title and description. There are also no error returned.

About the second one, I will add detail later because I don’t have PC with me right now.

I tested with ID. I use the recommend standard in MDN articles say, email format.