Some menu items are missing in the FireFox 57

(Koxae Sun) #1

Hello. Did you specifically remove the menu items “Restart” and “Open in a new tab in the background” from FireFox? Or is it my copy of the browser that broke something and these options fell off? How to return them? I often use them. Without them it is inconvenient, especially without the “Open in a new tab in the background”. I really need this for work.

(Stefano Cecere) #2

??? never seen that!

(Koxae Sun) #3

Perhaps “Reload”. I use the russian version and I’m not sure about the correct translation. This menu item restarted the browser

(Stefano Cecere) #4

ahh… the only “restart” i have ever see is the “restart with addons disabled” in the Help menu

(Koxae Sun) #5

I had this item and I actively used it. This is more convenient than turning off the browser, then turn it on. And in some cases, get the message “Firefox is already running …” This menu item started the correct reboot procedure.

(Freja Draco) #6

“Reload” in “File” menu is an option adet by an addon (I cant remember witch one). And this addon probably is not compatible with IE57.

(Koxae Sun) #7

Thanks! I temporarily returned this menu item using the Custom Button extension. I had to try to install it. But I do not know how to return the menu item “open in a new tab in the background.” And I really need it.

(Freja Draco) #8

I have no idea.
In pre-57 Tab Mix Plus helped to manage how them work.

(Koxae Sun) #9

Kind people advised me to install this extension. Now I can open the links I need in the background with a long left click. Life began to improve. :slight_smile: