Source code for tables

Hello, I tried to find source code for this:
But I failed, So I am asking for help, can someone find it for me?

Hi @serenity

Do you mean the starting code, so you can begin working on the task?
It’s below the exercise in a box:

Download the starting point for this task to work in your own editor or in an online editor.


No, I not mean on starting code, but on entire code on github.

For “Test your skills” tasks there’s a marking guide in the same folder as the starting code on GitHub with the name “”. It includes the missing code that can be copied into the starting code to get the solution. Sometimes there are also some explanations in these files.
On bigger exercises called “Assessments” you will often find a own folder next to the starting code folder with the full solution code.

For example the marking guide for the table tasks is here:

Does that answer your question?

Yes, it answers my question. Thank you very much!

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