Source code review is not getting approved because of gulp

my add on is not getting approved, there is no issue regarding privacy policy or other validation standards provided by firefox.
it is minified by gulp and in reviewing process on testing side reviewer is not able to build same copy of extension due to some error on node side , its working fine on my system (node version 14.0.3).
i dont want to upload direct /non minified source code, how do i get it approved ?

You need to provide correct steps that will generate same minified source code.
Make sure to include package.json and package-lock.json files. Also make sure your build-related libraries are not globally installed.
If reviewer has some build errors, he should send them to you. If he is getting different build, then he may be using different versions of build libraries.

What can help you to find the problem is install new OS in a Virtualbox (or some other VM) and try your build steps there.
You can then compare your source code using git:
Run git init in your build source directory then commit your changes and then replace your build sources with the one build in a VM and run git status (or git diff) to see if there are differences.

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