Spam content...?


I uploaded a new theme today, one that, like the others I have made, is something that I have made for myself and thought I would share with others. But unlike the others that have been approved, this one was turned down with the reason of “spam content”.

There is no harmful imagery or words either in the theme itself or the entry for AMO and the manifest.json file is not much different to earlier themes I have made, just different colours used.

What changes would I need to make to make sure that a resubmission is not treated as spam again?

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Hi @seburo, what’s the name of your theme? I can look into this.

Hi @caitmuenster Does this help?

Please, Seburo upload the theme again … probably the rejection was a mistake :flushed:


Thank you! I am sure it was a false positive and I am sure that people could find similar errors I have made. With fingers very much crossed, I have resubmited the theme.

Thank you for your help. Theme looks awesome (just resubmitted to fix a small issue - sorry).

While I am sure that I will not be one of the top theme artists within the Mozilla community, being able to customise my copy of Nightly and being able to share those customisations is really good fun and has taught me a lot.

Thank you for your good work :+1:

Thank you @candelora! - irrelevant/spammy description.

spam in the description of each theme

Posted in wrong thread.