Spam in my Firefox email

A few weeks ago, I set up a Firefox account with the intention of creating some add-ons. I created a new email address specifically for this purpose. Since posting in this forum a week ago, I’ve received five spam emails to this account. My profile says that my email address is “never shown to the public”. Since I haven’t used the email address anywhere but here, I’m hoping someone can provide an explanation.

EDITED: You mean the email address that was visible on your post?

Spotted that mine was displayed too. Go to your profile and then Account and zap your “full name” which for no reason I can fathom contains the email address. Just been to mine and kill it.

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Yes, exactly. Why is it showing up here??

Nevermind, I found the setting. It puts my email address into the Name field by default. :man_facepalming:

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Please, where exactly is this stated?

(I don’t doubt that it’s stated, but knowing where will help.)

That seems wrong.

Is the context as pictured below?


Right here

Yet as ffext noticed his “personal name” was set to his email address! I found the same with my “personal name”.

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I apologize for this. I’ve raised the issue with our Discourse team to see if there’s something we can do to the defaults or the information displayed in the preferences page.



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