Spreading theme displaying among everyone, fairly


The fairness to display themes in this area is suppose to be done in a decent fair manner. It seems that every time I stop in to drop off a theme or two off occasionally, I see MaDonna’s images posted like she owns the place. What the heck is going on in there. There is no reason at all for this person to have 4 friggin themes posted in a 6 theme panel. Other people uploading themes deserve to have their stuff posted just as fairly as anyone else. This favoritism just keeps returning like a disease in there and it needs to be stopped. Who the heck gives this the OK for one person to have 4 of their themes showing at one time?
Gawd, this just irritates the crap out of me that this happens and it keeps happening. This person is not better then anyone else that is uploading images.
It seems that this area needs a darn babysitter to watch for this abuse continuously because this person thinks they get special privileges above anyone else. No one cares how many themes this person has uploaded to the area and they sure don’t get to post their themes at their own discretion. Someone did a great job cleaning up the display area of themes, now it needs to be watched because of this BS of one person over posting their own themes.
Displaying peoples hard work deserves some respect and not based on some single person blasting out the same things over and over. Think about this for a bit people reading this or in charge, This person has over 11,000 themes posted in this area. How many can you make before it becomes an obsession. Oh, you can say, “This is just dedication, or this is just great to have”. Wrong, it’s gotten too far and it needs someone to put a stop to this bias favoritism because of one persons obsession with displaying their themes more then any one else that uploads images. Please get some type of control over these persons continuing to do this. If not, then just change the name of this section from Firefox Themes to MaDonna’s themes and then I can avoid it completely. There is nothing worse in this world then someone thinking they are better then anyone else, when they are not.
I am uploading an image, if this forum will allow me to, of a snap picture of the featured themes I viewed when I stopped in to post a theme. It directly shows that 4 of these themes are done by the single person mentioned. Sorry I mentioned the name, but it needs to be documented because it needs to be fixed permanently from ever happening again.

The image uploaded is name 4of6.jpg

(Ma Donnas Personas) #2

Bradmph. I am very sorry that you have such a problem with me and my themes, that you even made a design portraying me as an “obsessed with Photoshop” old lady at one point in time.

But this seems to be “your” problem, not anyone else’s.

I submit themes every day but I have NO control over what themes are displayed.

(Luís Miguel) #3

You’re beginning to loop. Also, I understand (although I don’t agree with) your frustration, but this made no sense to me:

The theme creators really don’t control at all what shows up in the featured areas (as has been explained already), so whatever they think of themselves is irrelevant. And they do post their themes at their own discretion, everyone does, that’s kind of the point here. And I don’t believe those who control the featured areas look at whoever uploaded whatever theme, they look at the theme itself, isn’t that also the point?

(Andreas Wagner) #4

Adding @sdevaney.

(Jorge) #5

It’s just a matter of volume. MaDonna has thousands of themes, which are high quality and gather usage. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that her themes appear all over the place. Fairness to me means that each theme should stand out on its own, regardless of who submitted it.

(sdevaney) #6

To add to jorgev’s insights on volume… any four themes you see featured on the Homepage at any given time are randomized from our broader collection of featured themes (currently totaling 42 but it varies).


This makes no sense to me. Theme creators are one thing and have no way of making a judgement on what is posted as a featured image, per say. So, this is irrelevant to this conversation.
As for the discretion used in this area, now that is a good issue to examine. I pretty much described this and continue to feel the same way. Whoever is in charge of the discretion of any posting of themes in the feature section has an issue with bias tendencies.
I didn’t pull this complaint out of a hat or my imagination. I was hit in the face with it by this person and one other I don’t care to mention. I have had a couple people who posted themes tell me exactly what I documented originally above. I also denied to them that nothing like this is occurring. They gave details and identified them, but I wasn’t aware of anything at that time. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, more then I got in here and carried on with enjoyment of what I posted for themes.
It took me a long time to get the feeling that something isn’t quite right with the area, perhaps since I am naive to things like this. As well, the last thing I wanted is to be caught up with this ridiculous act they portray of choosing themes fairly. I have mentioned already that you just can’t look from the outside and give your opinion of what you think is going on. Your just being naive, okay!
So, those opinions mean nothing here, respectfully.

Since when does volume over turn quality for Firefox (Mozilla)? I could send you probably 500 themes of quality that stand out and they never got a chance to be seen by folks that look for above average themes for their browser background. I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt here since I have created over 1000 themes.
Just because mine may not have a butterfly, kitten, puppy, or little house on the prairie, does this make them less artistic. This goes for all submissions to this area. To add also to your comment on fairness , your right. They should have something that stands out, but under who’s decision does “Stand Out” become the word of God there. If the person that makes this decision can’t get over herself, as well as have a broad mind of design, then the fact is proven. Butterfly, kitty, puppy, bird on a stick for everyone. What a crock! I’m sorry.
Some think Vincent van Gogh’s work is amazing, sells for millions of dollars. The untrained eye would say his work sucks.

Who decides these 42 choices? Tell me the name of this person that makes the decision. I ask this many times and no answer yet. But, I can bet I can make a guess at her name “C” and hit it right.
This position should be eliminated because of human error on the decision making skills that she makes. Fire the themes into visitors view without any decision making by a human, because humans make mistakes, she is proof.

It will never make sense then sir. I’ll make a guess that You probably never posted a theme for firefox browser also, correct?

finally MaDonna
Stop hiding behind your cloak of BS, your the root of this and the one that this entire conversation falls towards. You can be Number 1, no person around wants that position from you, I guarantee it. Stop thinking everyone that post a theme is taking it from you. Stop thinking your a goddess of Photoshop because you have version 3.0 and can mass produce a cut and paste and blur. “sigh”

(Luís Miguel) #9

This will be my last comment in this discussion, as it is becoming very non-productive. I urge you to really consider the things you have said and want to say still before continuing, if you want to be taken seriously.

That was my point. And also, if you really feel this way, then your whole “response” to MaDonna should have no place in that very same post. You’re the one commenting on a potential generic problem with the featured section, and singling out a theme developer as its root cause (your own words), while also in your own words they “have no way of making a judgement” there.

Not the point. It’s not “quality for Firefox” but “quality acquired by proficiency”. I’ve already explained this point here.


Correct. I spoke as a user of potentially every theme hosted at AMO. I expect the “Featured” section to show me themes with sufficient quality by Mozilla’s standards (chosen by whoever makes those decisions, if Mozilla trusts them enough to put them in charge then I do too and so far I haven’t had any reason to disagree with anything I’ve seen on that front).

That’s what featured means, that the theme stands on its own based on quality and potential appeal alone; a qualification that doesn’t depend on any other factor. Of course, if those themes are being chosen based on anything else, such as preferential authors, then that would make me question it, but so far, and again as a potential user of those themes, I haven’t seen anything that remotely suggests this.

(Ma Donnas Personas) #10

Wow, Brad. That was quite a rant. I hope you feel better now. I think I will put on my cloak and get back to work and make some more puppy and kitten designs. Perhaps put a few butterflies in also. I am actually using Photoshop Elements 12 and am very happy with it, thank you.

And with this I won’t post anymore on this specific thread because it is just one person’s problem and doesn’t deserve any more time or space.


Well, I can tell you your wrong and can prove it. Whenever your ready for me to do so, let me know. Then, when I have proven my point, you must get new unbiased replacements for the positions you say these people don’t have control over posting.
Seems this is just a big game of protecting certain people or turning face on what is actually going on. No one wants to be the person that may do something right and fix the issue. Don’t make waves right? wrong. It would be nice to speak with someone in here that can see clearly instead of having horse shades on because they don’t want to be released from their position.
An quicksilver,the point is here to post themes that have artistic values, originality, eye catching, and to enhance the Firefox browser visually. THAT’S THE POINT! Not let people with the magic password to the theme posting gallery the right to post at their discretion. This is the entire problem I have been writing about for so long. My gawd, it just blows me away the stuff I get for trying to make a point. I’m not delusional or making crap up. I just feel the system used in the theme area SUCKS, period. But, I am just one person that has watched and learned and speaks out against the policy that is used there. I hope someday, some script writer can rewrite the script so no one has anymore power over anyone posting themes. Make it full blown random posting with no human interaction except to install one into your browser background.
Pull the plug on human interaction and especially the ones now making a decision on what is artful and what is not, in their own mind. They are not gods, seems their position makes them think they are. (sigh) I’m done…my breath is more important then talking to walls.
Thanks for the help.

(Luís Miguel) #12

Four months later, I suppose I can spare a few minutes to also post a small reply to this.

You’re describing a “Random” section, where every single theme has an equal chance of appearing, irrelevant of its quality, appeal, etc. Three points:

  1. That in no way replaces the value of a “Featured” section, they are just inherently different things with absolutely distinct goals. They could coexist, but never replace each other.

  2. If every existing theme has the same chance of appearing in a random section, given the sheer volume of themes posted by some users that you mentioned yourself, which users do you think are going to be shown more prominently in that section?

  3. You go far and beyond to make a case for artistic value and originality, and your solution is to discard those values completely. I mean dude, come on… :smile:


I go much farther for fairness and non bias decisions on what is considered art and what isn’t, DUDE! :unamused:

In addition to your number 2, there is a person that gets posted predominantly more then others and I will continue to voice my opinion concerning this problem. Giving everyone equal time in the area of displaying everyone’s themes could manage to help the problem of the “benefits” from the volunteers position.

No human intervention, is a cure for the theme area and as long as this is not monitored or corrected, it will continue to fly under the radar in there.
I can give you a little example of this big problem by just taking a view at what has been featured in my uploads to the theme area in, say the past 150 themes I have uploaded. Though I am not some Graphic God as a couple in there think they are, I do have some nice things. Most my items are not cut and paste and post oriented as much as I try to avoid that.
As for time in between my responses, that’s just the way it is. I don’t live in this forum and have a very busy life outside of this place. I usually come in to make a point about how something is not being run fairly and needs to be corrected. Remember the first sentence I said, “Fairness & Non-bias decisions”?

If you could fix the posting of themes to be fair & non-bias to EVERYONE, then do it! But, as long as there is a person making decisions on posting themes that favors certain types of design or certain people in there then it will continue to get my reaction from it. Remove the abusers.

See you in another 4 months :no_mouth:


Here we are, Sponsoring one person in the theme section again. This must be a bug in the script or she is the only one with themes in this area. I would hate to think it is something worse, like unbiased posting of her own themes. lol Maybe this needs to be checked and fixed because she is not the only one that uploads themes here. It’s only been about 2-3 years since the first time this type of thing has been mentioned and asked to correct.
I have uploaded the example that I keep seeing over and over with the same person.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #15

No offense, but just because you may not see yours doesn’t mean they don’t show up.


No Offense? Your so far from the reality on my posting, it’s sick. Don’t post a reply in here unless you read the post I have made and understand them completely as well.
I haven’t had a theme posted in the feature area for over 200 themes, so don’t even go there. It is definitely an issue why this does not happen and Candelora is the main problem for that, but it doesn’t bother me as much as how bias the decision making is on what is good and what is bad. Anyway, I’m not going to waste my time with you. Apparently you seem to know more then I do, by saying such a thing. It seems whatever I post, everyone has their own ideas and can’t wrap their heads around what is the main reason for the post anyway. It’s obviously an AMO thing why something like that would exist. I guess the TOS for Firefox are only good for some as others fly under the radar abusing the power given to them. Which may I add is suppose to be a position of non-bias. All I have seen for almost 3 years now is how a couple persons think they are Gods. So, don’t come wandering in here giving your opinion when you have no idea WTF your talking about. Thank You. I am for all the visitors to have their equal time at bat. Everyone deserves the chance to shine, not just the ones that are able to manipulate the program to put themselves in the lime light. Sorry, but I just get angry at this subject and feel something should be done and has not. Pardon Me!

(Pamela Rosensteel) #17

First off, I was not trying to be mean or snotty or whatever when I posted what I did. And second, I know for a fact that some of your designs have been featured recently. In fact, one of your designs is on the featured list at this very moment.

I don’t know if what you are seeing is only the 6 shown on the main Add-ons page or the next 6 that show up on the Themes main page, but there are currently 43 themes on the Featured Themes page.

Something else that you may not be aware of is that if you go to Tools > Add-ons in Firefox, you have a design featured there right now as well. And it’s because of me! As a reviewer, I was asked to recommend some designs to be featured on that page and of the designs that I submitted for consideration, yours was selected.

But you know what, I will gladly not reply to this post again. And it is certainly NOT because you told me not to.

(❤️) #18

Bradmph, I am absolutely sick of theese veiled and explicit insinuations regarding my alleged favoritism to the MaDonna work [quote=“Bradmph, post:16, topic:8681”]
It is definitely an issue why this does not happen and Candelora is the main problem for that, but it doesn’t bother me as much as how bias the decision making is on what is good and what is bad.
At the beginning of this topic, jorgev responded to you unequivocally

however, you have not dialogued with him directly, but you’ve continued to rant, pretending not to understand.
What is there to understand?
Probably before the “up and coming” was more linear and democratic because the choice of themes was based on a direct count of user preferences, but since Personas went to AMO, it has had to adapt to the new sections including Featured who are chosen by human creatures.
You must complain of this system only with the Mozilla direction, but here in the forum you can not continue to throw mud on the work of developers who choose the themes, just to anger …
then, to cut short, if you are sure that I do not properly carry out my assignment … if you think I do favors to MaDonna, who creates every day at least two technically and conceptually perfect themes, because I insert too often her works in Featured …
ok, officially complain to the competencies, I hide behind anything because I collaborated on this project for almost nine years in full transparency and good faith, according to rules that I accepted.
Here I do not intend to answer other your provocations, I can only wish you Good Job

(Ma Donnas Personas) #19

Since no one else has stood up for the reviewers I will do so. I think it is very unfair for someone to keep picking away at them, especially candelora. She has been a reviewer for many years and I have never heard of anyone else, other than Bradmph complaining. He doesn’t seem to like Mozilla or the people that do a superb job of keeping it updated and problem free. He seems to be a very unhappy person and if I was so dissatisfied with a business or company that I constantly complained about, I would no longer use their services.