SSO password field not recognized by dashlane

(lonnen) #1

Dashlane prompts to generate a new password on the password field instead of prompting to input a saved password.

(Marcos) #2

Same issue. It’s driving me insane as I need to open 1Password to get my LDAP password every. single. time. :frowning:

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

Linking to the other post from @mcaceres:

(Henrik Mitsch) #4

@hidde @hdv @vioia did we test Dashlane with NLX? If no, can we please do so?

(Hidde de Vries) #5

I did not! Will look into the behaviour.

(lonnen) #6

@hidde @hmitsch any update? This remains a daily pain.

(Hidde de Vries) #7

@lonnen My apologies, I had lost track of this issue and did not further investigate yet. Fwiw, I have just created an issue in our GitHub repository and will investigate in the next two weeks.

I cannot promise we will be able to resolve this, as we already do everything to our knowledge to make the password field work in password managers, including following the best practices that password managers like 1Password and LastPass publish on their site.

But in any case, I will have a look, thanks for the reminder and for your patience.

(Hidde de Vries) #8

Hi @lonnen,

Using the latest version of the Dashlane Firefox plugin, I was able to have it save my credentials, and on next usage, to fill those credentials. Unfortunately, this only works in two steps, so you’ll have to ask it to fill your login first, then press ENTER, then ask it to fill your password.

If Dashlane isn’t filling your credentials, and it sounds like this is the case, can we try and reset your setup for Dashlane with We’ve done various updates to password manager recognisability in the past, so it could be that when you’ve first set it up, it was not working, but now it is. Could you remove from the entry so that it does not relate your password to the site? Then, if you log in again and you should be prompted to save the password, like this:

In either case, you should see the blue ‘impala’ in both the email and password fields. When you have saved your credentials for, you should get it as a suggestion for both email and password fields. This should look like this:

Please let me know if resetting worked and has allowed you to log in using Dashlane-provided credentials.