Standardize the style standards

(Eric Shepherd) #1

I’ve run into this issue a few times and tried to ignore it because I figured it was a nitpicky thing that only likely bothers me and maybe I’d get used to it, but not so much. :slight_smile:

MDN has an established set of style rules. We’ve used them for many years now, and they seem to generally serve us well.

Given that the interactive examples are embedded into MDN, I feel pretty strongly that they should be following MDN’s style rules, rather than some other project’s style rules. Not doing so creates incongruities and variations in our content that can confuse contributors, make translations more complicated, and potentially make content more difficult to follow for certain readers.

Why aren’t we using MDN’s style rules for interactive examples? I think this is a real problem that needs to be discussed. We spend a good bit of time trying to manage content to follow our style rules as it is, without intentionally introducing stuff that deviates from them.



I agree that we need common style guidelines for example code on MDN. I think it might be good to have this conversation when @chrismills is back in the office.

Why aren’t we using MDN’s style rules for interactive examples?

Partly, at least, because they don’t provide answers to many style questions.

(Eric Shepherd) #3

Sure, but that would be a reason to update the style rules, rather than adopting an entirely different set of them so that we do violate rules that are already in place. :slight_smile:


(Chris Mills) #4

I would be inclined to agree with this from the outset, however as implied by Will’s comment, perhaps the existing style rules were somewhat inadequate. I am intending to launch a full investigation into this during the next sprint, and fix the problem once and for all.

(Eric Shepherd) #5

Has this happened yet?

(Chris Mills) #6

Nope. Still on my to do list, sorry. I have got it in for this sprint, and should be able to do it during the last couple of days of the sprint, next week.