Stats on category watching?

Can we get stats on how many people are watching each category?

Can we get stats on how many categories people are watching? eg how many people are watching 0 categories, how many people are watching 7, what is the average number?

We can definitely do it by iterating over everybody’s profile using the API - however, that won’t be too efficient.

It might be possible to do it through the API, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be possible to do it through a plugin, however I need to do a bit of poking around to find out for sure.

How high priority is this?

Well, I think that we don’t need to call on this info fairly often, so I think for now the inefficient method through the API would be fine.

If I or others start asking for these stats too often then we can figure out a more efficient solution.

In terms of priority, we need these stats for informing people about Discourse and showing the usage. So I would say it’s high priority and we will want the stats within a few weeks.

I mean, the inefficient method would probably take as much time to program as reserarching and programming the efficient method, it was more a “this is definitely possible (although possibly a bit ugly)” than anything else.

What format would you want this in?

Actually it just occurred to me that we’d probably want some stats for the Council AMA that’s going on today. Though if it takes a few weeks to get the data that’s ok.

I would like the results as something I can understand :wink: I suppose just numbers is fine, they can be turned into graphs elsewhere.

Is this ok?

You’ll need to be a moderator/admin to see it. For those that can’t, it’s currently producing an object for each category like this:

  "id": 5,
  "parent_category_id": null,
  "name": "Vouched Mozillians",
  "description": null,
  "topic_count": 1,
  "topics_year": 1,
  "topics_month": 0,
  "topics_week": 0,
  "topics_day": 0,
  "post_count": 2,
  "posts_year": 2,
  "posts_month": 0,
  "posts_week": 0,
  "posts_day": 0,
  "users_tracking": 0,
  "users_watching": 2

I’m still working on implementing this.

I can’t really read that :frowning:

I’m working on an ember app to make it slightly prettier, should be able to get charts and graphs and all that stuff at some point. Right now it’s not much to look at:

Ooh this is totally fine.

I’ve just found this workaround: