Storage console not updating & goes empty on refresh (from storage toolbar)

  1. Cookies
  • app user is unauthenticated
  • open Storage console
  • go on Cookies for the app domain
  • session cookie present with initial value / settings
  • user authenticates over XMLHttpRequest / AJAX and receives an updated cookie settings (new value & expiration)
  • changes are not reflected on the Storage console
  • not even if I use refresh button from Storage console
  • if I close developer console and open it again (without any other actions) the values are updated
  1. localStorage
  • open Storage console and go to localStorage
  • initial data present
  • manually alter data on local storage (using the Storage console): update, delete, add items
  • sometimes the information it is not updated on the console
  • change values from the app UI again
  • sometimes the values aren’t updated on the console too
  • in this cases, if I use the refresh button from the storage console, the list goes blank
  • if I refresh the entire page the storage console is still blank
  • if I close and reopen developer console the data is back

This happens for latest Firefox 85 & Firefox Dev Edition 86.0b6 too (on Mac OSX 10.14.6 Mojave)

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Same for 85.0.2 and 86.0 (64 bit, Windows). I have this problems since a few weeks or even month?! Too long =)

Sorry about this! The storage inspector has experienced a few regressions in the past months, in part due to a lack of test coverage on this panel.

We have been fixing bugs regularly for a few weeks, so if you still can reproduce this issue it would be great to file a bug so that people working on this panel make sure this gets addressed.