String Freezes when clicked

Hi, I’m facing issue in strings like below (link) and many more, where I’m unable to access or translate the strings.

Thanks for the report.

Confirming I can reproduce the issue.

I’ll look into it.

The issue should be fixed now. @prasantahembram720 Could you please confirm?

We had a bad plurals configuration for Santali.

It was rightly set to use 3 plural forms, but the rule to define which number uses which form was set to (n != 1), which obviously only works for two plural forms.

I’ve changed the rule to (n==1) ? 0 : (n==2) ? 1 : 2.

We use the rule to calculate examples for each plural form that are shown in the editor. We should have a stronger protection against that in our frontend code and fail more gracefully. I’ll file a bug for that.

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Thanks @mathjazz now It’s working.

But, but will it change or add additional strings in pontoon??

No. But you will now be able to translate strings with plurals, which previously you couldn’t even open. Each such string will have at least 3 fields in the editor - one for each plural variant.

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