Structuring a page of content - Assessment

Hi all!

If possible, I would like to get feedback on this assessment. Thanks!


Assessment.pdf (33.2 KB)

Hi there @AnaVeraCruz!

This is not a bad attempt at all, however, you do have a few more sectioning elements than you really need.

Inside the <main> element you have both parts of content wrapped in <article><section> ... </section></article>. The first bit of content only needs one container, which could be an <article> or <section>. The section bit is wrapped in an <aside> element, which is a vald sectioning element in its own right. It doesn’t need to be wrapped in an <article> or <section>.

Have a look at our version:

Another small note - you’ve got the <nav> outside of the <header>, whereas we have it nested inside. This isn’t actually a big problem, and more of a stylistic choice really.