Structuring a page of content assessment

Hello! Can someone check if it’s correct?

There’s someting wrong with the link, so I attached the code below

<html lang="en">


    <meta charset="utf-8">


    <link href="" rel="stylesheet">

    <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet">

    <!--[if lt IE 9]>

      <script src=""></script>






      <img src="dove.png" alt="a simple dove logo">




          <li><a href="#">Get started</a></li>

          <li><a href="#">Photos</a></li>

          <li><a href="#">Gear</a></li>

          <li><a href="#">Forum</a></li>







          <p>Welcome to our fake birdwatching site. If this were a real site, it would be the ideal place to come to learn more about birdwatching, whether you are a beginner looking to learn how to get into birding, or an expert wanting to share ideas, tips, and photos with other like-minded people.</p>

          <p>So don't waste time! Get what you need, then turn off that computer and get out into the great outdoors!</p>



          <h2>Favourite photos</h2>

          <a href="favorite-1.jpg"><img src="favorite-1_th.jpg" alt="Small black bird, black claws, long black slender beak, links to larger version of the image"></a>

          <a href="favorite-2.jpg"><img src="favorite-2_th.jpg" alt="Top half of a pretty bird with bright blue plumage on neck, light colored beak, blue headdress, links to larger version of the image"></a>

          <a href="favorite-3.jpg"><img src="favorite-3_th.jpg" alt="Top half of a large bird with white plumage, very long curved narrow light colored break, links to larger version of the image"></a>

          <a href="favorite-4.jpg"><img src="favorite-4_th.jpg" alt="Large bird, mostly white plumage with black plumage on back and rear, long straight white beak, links to larger version of the image"></a>




        <p>This fake website example is CC0 — any part of this code may be reused in any way you wish. Original example written by Chris Mills, 2016.</p>

        <p><a href="">Dove icon</a> by Lorc.</p>




Hi @FirDrenes :wave:

Congratulations! Very well done!
All the structuring tasks are correct :white_check_mark:
Always make sure your HTML files start with <!DOCTYPE html> on a separate line.

You tried to embed the codepen into the forum. You can just post the URL like this: For the next time please also add a link to the MDN page with the tasks like this: That makes our lives easier. :blush:

Good luck on you next tasks :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a nice day!


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