Structuring a page of content HTML

Hello, I am learning HTML and I like someone to check my work. Thank you.

Link to assesment:

Link to my solution:

PD: I don’t know how to load resources in codepen, I think like this is ok, since the structure is what is needed?

Hello @infelipo

you doing great just a little thing that you do not have to wrap the a in the aside with nav as it’s not nav element

and for this

this option avilable only for the paid version of codepen
you can use which is free

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you yet again!

PD. I think I’ll leave my solutions without the corrections, that way (in this assesment and the other one I worked “Assesment wanted for marking up a letter HTML”) new people can see the mistakes that justsomeone and Pablo_Duran appointed.

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remember that better to use the nav element only once per page to respect the semantic.

Also to include an image into codepen, can do by uploading to Google photo > right click> select copy image address> use any url shortner.
Note: In this perticular image the image is black and background( of Google photo) is also black. So, just right click at the center.
I have done this and the result is after forking @infelipo pen .

Oh, nice to know. Thank you very much for your opinion and time.

you welcome and have a nice day