Structuring page content, marking up Ltr Assmts, please

Hello lovely person <3,

i’d love an assessment at your convenience, please.

MDN assmts page links below:
Structuring page content assmt
Marking up a ltr assmt

my work:
Structuring page content
Marking up a ltr

thank you, kindly :+1:

Hi @LesterLG

I looked at the first assessment about “Structuring page content”. I can’t see any mistakes. Very well done! :medal_sports:

Not part of the assessment, but you wrote content="IE-edge" in one <meta> tag instead of content="IE=edge" :sunglasses:

I wish you all the best.

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About “Marking up a letter”:

  • You have correcly placed all required structural tags. :+1: You used some additional tags like <header>, <main>, <section> or <footer>. For me it seems, that this is a bit too much and not necessary, but that may be debatable :smile:

  • The degree character itself is already at the right position and doesn’t need a <sup> tag.

    • wrong 42°C (with <sup>)
    • correct 42°C (without <sup>)

Feel free to ask, if something isn’t clear.

:wave: :wave: :wave:

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Eagle-Eye Mike <3 … you’re totally awesome, thank you!
i’ve noted your comments and corrections and will incorporate them moving fwd.
will get into habit of re-validating after making corrections.
take care and be well, L

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thank you, @mikoMK <3,

all very clear and i agree w you on markup overkill; however, i’m still a bit uncertain as to when to use or not to use specific elements, such as <section> and assume that bc this is a simple letter that much of the expected ‘structure’ that goes into a more traditional web ‘page’ isn’t necessary. all this to say, i appreciate the opportunity for more experience and learning :+1:

i see your point about the degree entity… noted.

be well and have a gorgeous wkend, L

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I completely understand the uncertainty, because - like you said - it’s a rather unusual use case. <section> is a generic element and I think I haven’t really used it myself. The usage notes on the MDN <section> page also tells us that most of the time there is a better tag to use.
I sometimes see questions like “Should I use <article> or <section>?” An insightful post about this was written by Bruce Lawson, who comes to the conclusion to not use <section> at all.

Have a great day!

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I love Bruce’s article and actively look how others use the tag. CSS-Tricks uses it for the comments section but otherwise doesn’t.

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