Stuck in awaiting review


one of my last versions was disabled by mozilla for containing obfuscated code or logic (sorry for that, is minified code ok though?), i fixed that issue and uploaded 2 new versions of my add-on since then, which both has been stuck in review and it seems they’ve been forgotten since then?
I assume the extension has been flagged for manual review?
It would be cool if someone could have a look at it, check that is okay, and remove the flag, because i simply can’t progress in any way if uploading a new version takes weeks or even months!!! : (

Hoping someone here can help, best regards.

Mine is the same, it’s almost 3 months. : (


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Hi @number.0131, what’s the UUID of your extension?

Hello @caitlin-on-leave-until-january nice to hear from you.

I hope this is the right UUID you are looking for? (If not how do i retrieve the UUID?)

I don’t know if this information is important: The extension is unlisted.

Btw. i tried to upload a new Extension via the web-interface and i get a Server Error respone.
And uploading a new version via npm prints me a error too but kinda works in the end.


The npm error looks as follows:
status: 504

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied


The request could not be satisfied.

CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection. We can't connect to th... headers: {"content-type":"text/html","content-length":"1033","connection":"close","server":"CloudFront","date":"Wed, 29 Sep 2021 11:46:46 GMT","x-cache":"Error from cloudfront","via":"1.1 (CloudFront)","x-amz-cf-pop":"FRA56-C2","x-amz-cf-id":"ecMHIBUpaHWFEwArDdAwyYLg352_qfauZ-BecRgrpatxFkMdJypgQg=="}

Note that the about:debugging page will show two IDs, one is the “Extension ID” assigned in manifest.json or by AMO when you first upload, and the other is the “Internal UUID” which is unique to your installation of Firefox and used for resource paths, storage folder name, etc. For this purpose, you want to share the public “Extension ID”.

Thank you for clearifying this, then my Extension ID is:


I’ve posted an updated UID and added the CloudError output to my second post meanwhile, hope this helps you. Are there any updates? Could you find my extension with new extension UID?