Submission reported as duplicate, but theme is unique

(Jademalo) #1

I submitted a theme earlier (Sword & Sworcery EP - Moon), though had the submission declined due to it being a duplicate. However after substantial searching, there are no other themes like the one I was submitting. There is one theme that used the same game as the source, but every aspect of it from the colour to the literal entirety of the actual image is totally different.

It also was marked as a probable spammer, but again I don’t exactly see why.

Is it possible to appeal or resubmit something?
I’ve edited the description and the image slightly, but I don’t understand the decision at all. I figured I would post here to ask before resubmitting anything since it’s pointless to just spam like that.


(❤️) #2

Unfortunately we are embroiled by spam and we try to prevent as much as possible the approval of regular themes at the first submitting, that then instead are edited to insert commercial links…
so sorry for the inconvenience and please submit your theme again for approval :flushed:

(Jademalo) #3

Aaaah, that’s awful D:

I’ve resubmitted it, thank you!


I have submitted my theme a few times and it always gets marked as a duplicate.
The name may be the same as other themes, but the colour is not.

I made a windows classic plum coloured theme because firefox has strange transparency issues with using classic theme on windows 10.