SubtleCrypto API not supported on Safari 15 on iOS {iOS 15 Beta 5}

window.crypto.subtle.generateKey throws an error undefined is not an object (evaluating ’a.subtle()[f]’) on Safari 15 on iOS {iOS 15 Beta 5}, while it was working as expected on the previous Beta versions 1 & 2 and all other previous iOS versions.

We’ve been using SubtleCrypto library in our React-Native app on an iPhone 11 with iOS 15 Beta and ran into this issue.

Can anyone please let me know if they could fix this issue or kindly point me to the correct forum regarding this.


hello @Gowtham

if you talking about this api

and if you talking about safari version 15 it should be working acroding to the compatibility table in the above link and also according to this link

so if you are sure of your code then it could be related to ios or safari new version maybe you should contact them

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi @justsomeone

We are testing our App on latest version of Safari on iOS 15 Beta 5, and we see that SubtleCrypto API is supported only till 14.7 and does not support Safari 15 on iOS :

Thanks & have a nice day!

oh my bad i was reading from the desktop tab version of safari

i do not like when someone remove the support of an api while some use it

i was trying to look for any stuff from apple and i found this

which say it supported for both mobile and desktop since version 9

Well it was working on iOS 15 Beta 2 and then something broke in their release. Its a widely supported module and almost all native node applications use it. Not sure how to get Apple’s attention for this.

i never get to any apple stuff before so not sure if the contact us on that link would help or not

it’s on the top right side of the page

also check those 2 links