Such a pain to submit an addon for review

I submitted a new version of my addon + sources 10 days ago (React app), the reviewer couldn’t get the same binary after building, I checked his result and he had a different formatting (in the resulting js files).
Then I submitted a new version with fixed nodejs version via nvm, but the reviewer get a fail.
I removed the nvm step, and 10 days later… still no validation :confused:

To loose less time I installed a brand new Debian 11 VM to build and submit this last version… so much time lost…

What can I do to have an environement 100% similar to AMO code reviewers ? and loose less time.


If you are using NPM, submit both package.json and package-lock.json. Also, don’t use any global libraries, everything used for build should be in the dependencies list in the package.json file.
Use LTS version of NodeJS (16 right now).
And lastly, your build steps should be as simple as possible:

npm i
npm run build_addon

After that, you should get the same result regardless of the platform.

Thanks @juraj.masiar !
I had 2 differences :

  • I was removing the package-lock.json to save some Mb
  • I named “npm run bundle” instead of “npm run build_addon”

I just added the package-lock.json in my .tgz file, added a “npm run build_addon” in my package.json and I also built from this tgz (just to be sure everything build from the tgz) and submitted it.
Is it enough or do I have to push a new version to be reviewed ? (Last review was 8 days ago).


The name of the build script build_addon was just an example :slight_smile:, just make sure to write a build steps into your file.

What do you mean push new version? If you submitted it, it’s pushed, right? But yeah, increment a version number in your manifest file and submit it. Reviewer should see the update and get to you eventually (maybe you can also reply to his last mail just to be sure).
I don’t know how long it will take, I can imagine review queues can be pretty long though. For one of my addons it took a few days to review.

lol I thought you were from the AMO team that’s why I added a build_addon npm script :rofl:

I was asking if I should “push” or “submit” a new version to be reviewed (again), since my sources haven’t changed (I just modified the package.json) and already answered a few time to the reviewer message…
But I suppose they have a kind of “fibonacci” delaying system ?

@juraj.masiar impressive to see your portfolio ans see that one can live from this kind of devs (addons) :clap:

Being a reviewer must be a pretty hard job, for sure not something I would like to do. It’s enough I have to deal with my own ugly code :slight_smile:.

You should for sure resubmit new version if you changed a build script or anything important. If you are just replying to reviewers question, then no need.

The Fibonacci sounds about right, that’s exactly how I reply to boring emails! :smiley:

And if you are thinking about making a living with addons development as I do, then make sure to have a good business plan, or you may end up poor like me :smiley:.

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yes maybe I’ll bump the version and submit again :neutral_face:

lol I am not planning on living on building addons, the one I built was for my own needs.

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Big news my addon has been reviewed :revolving_hearts: maybe this thread helped ?
Thx @juraj.masiar :+1:

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It wasn’t me :smiley:, but yeah, probably someone has noticed the noise here.

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