Suggestion A new Brand for Discourse

Hello I am looking at Domains the now and I see is avalible this would be good for Discourse and call it Mozilla Social it would look great compared to this long url sounds a lot better than discourse.mozilla-community,org and will make it a lot easier for people to find

I’m afraid that it would make people think it’s more a social place then a discussion platform, and will lead more non-serious chatting threads. Besides that concern, the url and name seems good.

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I’m not a fan of, but I agree that our current url is a bit ghastly.

Might this be the time to make a push for something like

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Not with so many issues open in our UXMozillians epic :wink:

If we were going to move to, we’d still want to be a
sub-domain. IRC is also a “social” platform and we would want to make room
for others as well.

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Or alternatively which probably would be easier to get in terms of security review.