[Suggestion] Add 'Reopen Site In Container' to Page Action popup

Hi there!

I’ve started to use Multi-Account containers to make it easier to use a work and personal account on a site which doesn’t really support multiple accounts, and it’s been working really well – but there are two user interface things I feel could make it a bit more obvious to use for me. I wondered what everyone’s thoughts would be. I’d be happy to contribute them!

Adding to the page action popup

Firstly, I’d like to make the ‘Reopen Site in Container’ action appear in the ‘page action’ button (the button that appears in the URL bar), as it wasn’t immediately obvious how to switch containers temporarily without adding the container extension to the toolbar.

Currently, this popup only allows the user to quickly set an ‘Always Open In’ preference, but I feel its position of being in the URL bar makes it ideal for quickly switching between containers. (On install, it takes four clicks to do this – open the extensions menu, select Multi-Account containers, reopen page in, and select the container.)

My personal preference would be to make this action switch containers temporarily as its primary purpose – and handle setting this up as an always open preference via a checkbox. I understand that this would be a change in behaviour to those used to the extension. Here’s a mock up of what that might look like:

If that’s not practical, the ‘Reopen Site In’ can be appended to the existing popup.

Clearing an ‘Always Open In’ preference

It took me a while (and a look at Stack Exchange) to find how to clear a preference. I expected to be able to ‘uncheck’ the ‘Always Open In’ option for the site I was currently on, when I noticed it had reopened in a container I’d accidentally made it always open in. However, the default container isn’t listed in the page action, nor in the toolbar popup > ‘Always Open In…’.

I’d like to either add the ‘default container’ to ‘Always Open In…’, which implies clearing the association between that container and that site, or see a checkbox which I can untick to do the same.

What do you think?
Cheers, George