Suggestion: Define container assignemnts for URL patterns

I like the extension conceptually a lot.

However I think the current usability is not good enough for day to day use. I would like to be able to define Container types for URL patterns in order to just click on a bookmark and rely on that it is opened in the desired container type.

In addition I think the link clicking behaviour should be configurable or selectable by right click. I may not want that a link is opened in the same container type.

All in all a great feature with a lot of potential! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. We anticipated many users would want this feature. There’s already an issue in our GItHub repo that you could upvote too:

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Absolutely love this extension as it helps me at work, by separating SSO identities from each other. Though I’d love it even more if it allowed to fine-tune the url it assignes to a container.

Some websites have areas accessible only by certain identities - for me it’s StackOverflow for teams, where a team area is defined by a prefix in url path section. If the extension allowed me to manually set the url pattern to assign to a container, I would be able to open team area in needed container using my corporate account, while the public area using my personal account