Suggestion - Tab control is too hair-trigger

I have found that many times I am trying to get to the ‘Back’ button and I move over the tab controls. As a result the tab swing out covering up the button I want.

It would be good if it had a slightly longer delay or the back button was slightly further in on the screen.

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let us turn the switch-off-button to the left, over the icon of Tab.

I agree. It’s like a mine field. Just kidding. How about an option that lets people selecting the trigger speed to their own liking.

If the switch-off-button is at the right and you have a nervous mouse you fly permamently over the switch-off-button… And you dont find it, if you minimise the tab-control-center.
If the switch-off-button is at the left, the cursor stops even nearby (fullscrean-modus)!
It´s realy better!

I turn off the hover-over button and slide the tab bar left to show just the icons. That works well for now, but I wish the icons were bigger.
The hover time seems longer now for some reason. But really I still don’t like pop-in and out controls in general anyway. I find them irritating, like pop-up ads. As long as there are options for looking at the tabs though, it’s ok with me.