Suggestion... When Rt Click on Correspondent, have option to save email to Address book

(Gaheyn) #1

I transitioned from Eudora to Thunderbird recently. An option in Eudora was that when you right clicked on the name of the sender, the option popped up to add the sender to either a personal or business address book. Very convenient. There was an option in the program to save all emails to one or the other address book. Never did that but it was handy to keep address book up to date.

(Michael Kohler) #2

You can add senders to the address book in the following ways:

  1. Click on the star next to the sender’s email address:

  1. Right click on the address and choose “Add to Address Book”

Am I misunderstanding you or is this what you’re looking for?

(Gaheyn) #3

That is exactly what I mean. Did not realize what that Star was all about. Thank you for the information. Another reason to keep using Thunderbird.